Tuesday, February 11, 2014

He's Asleep & Snoring. Loudly.

It's 10:54 on a Tuesday night and Aaron is fast asleep. Pictured above is not right now, but it's about what it looks like. Usually I can fall asleep with him, but my mind is wondering tonight and I've done all the social media besides this one.. So I figured, why the hell not? Right? 

Today's been good. In fact, today has been quote, "the best day of my life." Why you wonder? No reason, I simply woke up next to someone I care about, dearly, and was fortunate enough to go to a job. Like I said, nothing special. But I woke up, I got to live another day and love in it. It's the simplicity of life and the things in it that I am grateful for. Mom and I talked about this topic today. I think she was impressed on my thinking. I like when mom is impressed, it makes me feel good. 

... But enough of enough. It's 11:00 and I've got to fall asleep eventually. Plus, I've got to be prepared for the next best.

Anna ... And Aaron, only cause he's so close, and snoring so loudly.

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