Monday, February 3, 2014

Back To Basics, Again

It's about how I feel. 

I love blogging.  I love writing what's on my mind. I guess that's a version of blogging, I just don't know if I can consider myself a 'blogger'. Frankly, I guess one would just call this an online version of a little girls diary. I mean, no one but me (and my mom) reads any of this. And who's fault is that? Mine, I know. I just feel so dead in the water when it comes to this ordeal. I want to share this stuff.. I'm just to much of a damn pussy to do it. For God's sake, I can't even attach the URL in a Facebook status. I'm sure I'll get there one day, I'm just not really in much of a hurry to do so. But yet, I want so badly to. Regardless, I'm just going to keep on being me and role with the punches. Cause I like writing, and I feel really accomplished after posting, even if it is just for my own personal relief. And actually getting to use the pictures I secretly take and edit on my phone is nice. I mean, I couldn't possibly post that picture on Facebook without getting a few looks.


So I'm going to do this. I am going to start writing about everyday things AND big things. I've done some research on my favorite bloggers and went back to when they first started. They all just started to keep tabs on their lives, like a photo album, but with interesting stories attached. I'm going to not be so critical and dramatic. I mean, every once in awhile I will be, but I'm just going to start keeping "tabs" on my life so I can look back on this one day and be like "Oh wow Anna, you were such a loser, but kudos for keeping up on this." Even if no one ever reads any of it, ever. At least I can look back on this and laugh, cry or just plain remember. And it's a little more creative than Facebook.


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