Monday, March 2, 2015

Moved to Colorado

We moved to Colorado Springs, CO December of 2014. Arrived just a few days short of 2015. It's been the most intense experience of my short life thus far. It's been full of laughs, tears and most importantly lessons.

Why did we move? Absolutely no reason whatsoever. Nothing in particular. I think what it was.... was I was feeling overwhelmed with a few different things happening in my life. I was feeling anxious, angry... bored? I don't necessarily know what for sure made us move.. but we did it.

It's March 2nd, seven minutes short of 11:00PM and I just needed an outlet. Somewhere to puke a few words out. Like a diary, but I didn't feel like writing.. so like most posts, this is a typing version of my diary, journal more so. Maybe a few other eyes will cross over it and indulge, if you're into this sort of thing.

So, a few things this move has taught me;

-I make HUGE life changing choice way to quick. Not really saying it's a bad thing. For sure not the most convenient characteristic about me, but it's not actually bad. (Aaron's to show for that)

-I have way to many.. things.

-My two younger sisters have way more of an impact on my daily life than I could have ever imagined. Until that is, I moved 1000 some miles away.

-I LOVE hiking. (this is huge if you know me at all)

-Brothers are a lot harder to please than sisters when it comes to anything emotional.

-Minnesota nice is real. It's a very real thing.

-Colorado air is actually noticeably nicer than Minnesota air. Unlike the people.

-Aaron and I can for sure overcome anything.

-Distance from people you've known your whole life is a really good thing. Really good.

-Finding a job as a server is harder than I remember.

-Winter is freaking fantastic in this state. I got called off work for bad weather... bad weather you guys. Weather got me a day off........ this is huge. More than once in a week!!

-Gas stations are weird in Colorado.

-I love watching someone who has never been poor... be poor. It's cool to witness harsh realizations when they're happening to someone else for the first time. (in a very twisted manner).

-Netflix... So.Much.Netflix.

-I miss my moms cooking. Granted I only had it once or twice a week back in Minnesota ;)

-Famous Dave's is NOT Famous Dave's 

-Legalized weed is nothing special. But it is very profitable and nice when you can't fall asleep or have a tummy ache.

-Sunshine, a whole lot of sunshine. Seasonal Affective Disorder... what's that?

-Cigarettes are cheaper, along with gas and other things.

I could go on, but it's not all that important and I'm running out of clever things to say. Overall, this move has been good. A few things have been much harder for me than I anticipated, but I suppose I did expect that. You just don't know until you know.. Aaron and I were just talking today. We are so very happy we did this. Like, we are really proud of ourselves and wouldn't trade a single way things have happened. We do talk about eventually moving back to the good ole MN. I guess I'm not as strong as my Cali sister, I give her some serious credit for being away for 5+ years. I'm just a momma's girl and will have to, sooner or later, be close enough to get that home cooked meal just once or twice a week :) Plus plenty of other reasons, I'm just starving right now so that's all I can concentrate on.

As Aaron pointed out today..... (side note, I was having a tough day)

"Anna, if we would have never moved... just stayed in Stillwater... had a baby.... lived our lives that way... you would have never known. You would have been home one night crying saying you never moved away, never tried anything different.. "

And he's so right. He know's me way... way, way to well. Thank God.

All in all, I'm not making any HUGE LIFE CHANGING decisions for awhile. I'm laying low. Playing things safe... just taking a minute to breathe in and breathe back out.

No promises anytime soon.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Photo of Aaron, A Photo of Me.. And Some Words

*This was a few weeks... ..almost a month ago, in New Orleans. I miss it a lot, and I know for a fact he misses it, a lot, a lot. It was a really fun and really needed trip for the both of us. It ended up being more than either of us expected, in so many ways...I'm hoping to get more pictures up at some point, but here's two while you wait. 


Sunday, August 24, 2014



The eyes, that at almost any given moment are warm, filled with welcome and willing, fell weary in a memory. 

A body usually bold and bright went limp in that moment, remembering the day his knees became weak. 

He, my hero, became half while his eyes closed and body sank into the dirt beneath his clenched fists. 



To my Aaron, 

You inspire me. You demonstrate such strength, every minute of everyday. You walk through life with the utmost ultimate grace. Even on the hardest days. You amaze me with every step you take. You are my best friend, confidant,  inspiration, strength, soul-mate and husband. You are my reason to pursue anything and everything without fear. 

I love you. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This is really great

You have to make your own self happy alone before anyone else can. 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I am dizzy. Physically dizzy. There are moments that I stop and stand still and it's in that moment that I realize just how quickly life spins sometimes. It's not a bad feeling, just an overwhelming one.