Hey, my name is Anna. 

This is currently a personal blog for myself and anyone who happens to stumble upon it. I don't do much sharing, but hope to one day. 

I'm using this as a more intimate way of keeping tabs on my life as it moves forward. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, I feel like I'm more accepted to say what I'm thinking or share photos here. 

I guess I'm using it as an online journal. For now. If you are interested in reading on why I started blogging in the first place (and again), CLICK HERE.

I've decided that an "about me" page should be ever-changing. So I'm going to post ten very general things about myself, and try to change it every so-often. When I think the timing is right, ya know?

1. I was born in Nebraska
2. I have four beautiful sisters
3. I'm engaged married.
4.I work at a restaurant
6. I'm going back to school, I think   
7.I like taking pictures
8.I actually, really don't prefer being around people for more than 4 hours          ( I hate it.. hate it. ...I HATE IT)
9.I'm dependent on love
10.I'm very happy