Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Eyes

Everyone has that something about them that gives them away. Mine are my eyes. Fortunately  I don't think I'm the only one that struggles with this. My eyes give me away, almost every time. I can't say this is a curse, in most situations, I appreciate this about myself. Because sometimes, I need someone and most times, my eyes are a great indicator and someone usually puts their shoulder out for me to lean on.

I am usually able to hide my weakness, but my eyes will forever give me away.

Tonight was a perfect example. No one commented on my eyes, but I could feel the weakness in my eyes become heavier and heavier through out the night and soon enough, someone was there to ease my pain. Not that I'm able to be specific about the situation, but I'll just say this, I am grateful that my eyes became heavy tonight and I am thankful that someone saw this.

Thank you to this person. I needed you so much tonight and you were there just in the right moment. Thank you, eyes for becoming heavy. I know without this attribute, I would still be struggling to get by.


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