Monday, May 20, 2013

I Can Barley Keep My Cards Straight

Sometimes after I write a post I'll go back through some of my old ones. So I did that tonight, and I realized that my most recent post, before this one, is extremely confusing/ and a little contradicting to a few posts ago. So, take this as you will, but I formally apologize for how confusing I can get at times. Just to clarify, I will most likely be moving out of this apartment come August, it just hasn't been finalized, nor have we found an apartment, hence the "maybe moving" and the "will miss this apartment come August" line(s). I get ahead of myself a lot.

Forgive me. (Also, I didn't sign my last post, and I was doing really good on that)


*And I've seen Evan since that old post. I was just being dramatic that night. Psht. 

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