Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Annnd, I'm Back

The Twins & I in Florida. At our best
I returned home from vacation on Friday and unlike other times, I was more than ready to be home. Don't second guess yourself, Florida was beautiful and I enjoyed my time there, but I missed my routine and I missed my friends.

The trip down was nothing short of exhausting and eventful. Between arriving to the airport five hours early and sitting next to a woman's roller durby team, there was plenty to keep me entertained. Upon arriving in Florida, I began my vacation immediately by jumping into bed and slept well into mid-afternoon the next day. Most of vacation was spent sleeping or tanning, I made sure not to misuse a single ray of sunshine or take for granted a series of yawns. I got a handful of much needed sleep and ended up leaving with a nice little tan (or burn if you're a negative kind of person).

Anyhow, it's been a few days back and I'm just now slipping back into my reality, which I love. Here, why don't I catch you up on this silly reality of mine, (if you don't mind)

1. The pizza place I've spoke once or twice about has offered me a position I just couldn't turn down.
2. That being said, I bid my farewells at Famous Daves and it was hard.
3. I'm still serving at the cafe below my apartment. Which reminds me, I need to stop in and see when it is that I work next....
4. I had THE most fun I've had in a long time Easter night. (nothing to do with easter)
5. I have two really good friends and they're both so funny sometimes.
6. I got to spend a night with my sweet niece and we read books, played with toys and cuddled. It was much needed.
7. I FINALLY did a once over of my apartment. Cleaned and rearranged it in a way that I actually like.
8. I sat down to pay my bills this morning and couldn't get myself to follow through.
9. Funny enough, I'm running out of things to say.. ... .
10. I really love everything happening right now. I'm in a good place.

Two Separate Pictures from Easter Night. Nothing to Do With Easter. 


Oh! And by the way, incase you are wondering, I missed Evan a little bit in Florida. But it really never hit me like I assumed it would. Memories are good and fun, nothing sad about that.

Hm, a lengthly post on my part, for me at least. Thanks a bunch for reading, or looking, or nothing. Until the next post


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  1. I like the place you are in. Fully amoured and loving the battle. You amaze me. Beautiful, beautiful you.