Monday, March 18, 2013

Guess What, Guys?

A Picture Evan Took 

(t-minus six days)

This time will be a wee bit different though. No early morning walks on the beach with my sweetheart, no walks around St. Pete buying fake wedding rings, no kisses by "Porno Pat"and no late night talks about moving and raising a family in Florida. I get a little teary eyed thinking like that, I'll miss his sweet smile as he follows me around. Here's to wishing you were hoping on that plane with me, Evan. And here's to wishing we were who we once were. I love you. 

This time will be a lot of lazy days spent on the beach, late night walks with sisters who I don't see nearly enough of, early morning self time and beer drinking all to myself. 

I'm nervous. I know every turn of a corner will remind me of him and make me wish he was with, but I'll keep strong. I'm spoil myself and I will appreciate the time alone. 

Regardless, this is a much needed mini-vacation for me. I will enjoy every second of it, happy and sad. Memories are nice, everyone needs them. 

See you when I get back! 


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