Monday, December 16, 2013

Chairs That Blend Almost Perfectly

Disclaimer: The last post (written sooo many months ago) was bogas, I'd never be able to write something so organized and thought out. This post will have nothing to do with that, but will instead continue on as previous posts that don't make any sense.

And so here we are, you me and this horribly white-balanced picture of chairs that blend almost perfectly with the wall. A picture that was mostly likely taken while I was being paid $10.00 an hour to  roll out pizza crusts, but was instead, sitting next to my boss. Who would have thought that in the split second it took me to take this picture, I would be reminiscing over it months later. I wouldn't have thought that, not in a million years. The picture clearly meant nothing to me because I found it on an old memory card that contained even older pictures of Evan and I. Those I deleted within seconds, that didn't hurt as much as seeing this one. This picture, I looked at for  a good ten minutes before it ended up here, on this screen, with words beneath it. Not to mention, on a blog that I haven acknowledged for over 6, 7... 8 months. I've clearly got something to overcome here. ..... ... . .. Obviously, the chairs aren't what weigh heavy on my heart. 

(to be continued, maybe)


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