Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm Not A Drunk, But I Am Drunk

I'm not a big drinker. Never really have been but on occasion I like to indulge in a nice buzz all to myself. I actually began drinking earlier with a buddy, but now the night is growing old and I just keep 'em coming. And it feels nize. I mean, come on... I'm allowed to do this. Everyone is. Life is stressful and sometimes all it takes is crackin' window and feeling good. 

Hmm... 10 things I'm thinking? Yeah, let's do that. 

1. I'm IN LOVE with this weather lately. Finally, some sweet sweet summertime weather. 
2. I bought a hundred dollars worth of groceries today- Let's just say I'm set for the next month or so.
3. I still haven't quit the cafe. Fuck. 
4. I said my finally goodbyes to Evan. Sucks to suck, but it was time. 
5. I go to the casino a lot. I'm not nearly rich enough to do this, but it's fun. Most of the time.
6. I've had two days in a row off. It has been heavenly. So beautiful. 
7. I participated in a MS walk and I realized how damn out of shape I really am. 
8. I just got over a cold/flu. I hate being sick, it's a big downer. 
9. Going to miss this apartment come August. 
10. Good night ya'll. A few more drinks and I'm out. Xoxoxoxoooooxx

Party at my house? I guess so. 


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