Thursday, February 7, 2013

Helllloo, Sexy.

Well hey. 
I've been contemplating on posting twice in one day because I didn't want to seem eager about this whole "blogging again" deal, but truthfully, I'm pretty freaking excited about it. Why the attractive picture you ask? Well, you see. I think blogging without pictures is boring and very not worth while, so I just took the first thing that came to mind and BAM, here I am. Looking fine and shit. (Fish and mashed potatoes for supper, by the way) 

Moving on. 

Back to that posting twice in one day shhpeal. Back when I blogged the first, second, third.. and so on times, I would always start off posting like two or three posts per day just to make some sort of point, but this time, I think I'll just stick to blogging when I want to. Seems a bit contradicting actually, but I think it's fair. Who really wants to schedule when they blog? That's just crazy and ain't nobody got time for that. Plus, until I have strangers reading this stuff, what do I care about consistency or organization. Don't have high hopes on that changing, ever.

And now for what I really wanted to say. Life is crazy and people do crazy things. I had one of those, "talk-to-yourself-all-day-and-convince-yourself-you're-not-insane" kind of days. Know what I'm talking about? Not that I'm willing to get into any sort of detail about my craziness, but I've come to the conclusion that nothing really matters when it comes to crazy. Nothing really matters in the end really. And I'm not saying that in a depressing kind of way, I mean truthfully, nothing really matters when it's all over. Crazy or not, I just want to be whoever I want to be in this minute. And going back to start, if I want to post twice in one day, who the hell cares? (No one right now, obviously). But for real, this is more for me than it will ever be to anyone and if it helps me sleep at night, I say keep being insane, Anna. You too reader, be crazy. 


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