Monday, February 11, 2013

Blogging When You're Shwasted?

...This is my drunk face. 

And this is my drunk song: as of tonight. 

*Harlem Shake by Baauer was feautured here 
but then YouTube removed it

I can only image the shit I'll get for this one... Since it'll only be my family reading for a bit. But what can I say, it feels appropriate. It's a Monday night and I'm loopier than all hell. And that song up there, I've listened to it on repeat since 8:00PM and it is now one in the morning. I hope to have a dance down by morning, and by the way things are looking, I will. Maybe I'll talk about it later, but most likely not.

Thing is, I had a pretty kick ass night. But I've got things to do in the morning so it is time to get this dance down and then hit the sack. Night folks.


1 comment:

  1. Wow, that must have been a bad one. They took it off youtube! I'm pretty sure you should have recorded yourself working on that dance and posted that THAT woud be funny shtuff!