Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Big Reason Why

I think I've made myself pretty clear on why I've started blogging again. Wouldn't you agree? Well, I haven't told you what the kicker was and I'm about to. I splurged and bought an iMac; I just couldn't resist and when I was approved for a payment plan not buying one was just totally out of the question. So short story even shorter, I got in my car Sunday morning, drove to the nearest Apple retail store and was in an out within ten minutes stumbling through the mall parking lot with a 27inch Apple iMac. Needless to say, after setting the beauty up the urge only became stronger. I mean what else can you do with a 27inch beautiful desktop. I'm in love. 

Also, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I'm slowly creeping my way back into photography, if you dare call what I take pictures of, photography. But working at a desktop alone makes that aspect 100 percent better and when it's a mac it really does put a cherry on top. People think desktops are lame and I was told to "just get a laptop" a million times, but I seem to be much more productive on a desktop, and who doesn't want to be productive? Not that I have much technically to be productive with, but when I do regain that responsibility, I am so ready. 

Plus, she just adds so much to this small apartment. Literally, even the box puts a smile on my face; that's why I keep it in the closet, yes. 

Anyone out there own an iMac? Do you love yours as much as I love mine? Ever regret it? (Don't tell me, I don't need to hear that crazy talk)


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  1. You make me laugh!! And yes, it DOES make your apartment look nice! HOLY SMOKES is that thang HUGE! Looks so impressive. And I can hardly wait for all the creative genius that will soon be flowing past your finger tips!!! PICTURES, I say more PICTURES!!!!