Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baxter! You Know I Don't Speak Spanish!

What is "Hoy En Dia En Fotos"  ??

1. I believe, to my best spanish-speaking abilities, "hoy en dia en fotos" means "today in photos." (Or at least that is what my spanish to english translator tells me).

2. I decided to label the sequence in spanish because I think it sounds nice. Also, when you spend the majority of your weekday hours with two very kind, spanish speaking men, it kind of rubs off on you.

3. I decided to start this one morning and by the middle of the day I was running with it. And when you run with something, you may as well keep running. Also, this is something I can do with either a real-life camera or my phone, and because I'm not so good at having a camera on me at all times, the phone part is really, really convenient. (And blogger has a kick-ass app... it actually works)

4. It's fun to look back on. I told Aaron, "If I keep tis up for a whole year, we could have a whole year to look back on and guess what was happening!" *

5. It keeps me creative. In the smallest sense. But from not taking ANY pictures, ever.. this is really nice. Like a breath of fresh air. (And even when I would have a inkling of creativity, my friends and family can only take SO MUCH on instagram, facebook... etc. This seems much more acceptable.)

So please, bare with me. Enjoy the little tid-bits of my life that this sequence will shine on. Because really, it's just potential-pictures that I see through out the day that I decide to make real.


*cross your fingers that I keep this up for a whole year! cross 'em hard. 

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