Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ten Things I'm Thinking About This Morning

..... That was much to long of a blog title.

1. The Foo Fighters station on Pandora is my all time favorite.
2. I don't feel like going to work in an hour. Nor am I ready to do that.
3. These damn braces better come off my face soon. Else I'm going to do some crazy things.
4. Take your vitamins. (talking to myself)
5. One pot of coffee down, how about another, Anna? (I said this one aloud)
6. Makeup is the worst.
7. I hope my music isn't as loud and distracting for my neighbors was last night. But then again, he deserves this wake up call.
8. Stupid stupid stupid stupid boy.
9. Haircut. Baha, probably not though.
10. I love this apartment and I really wish I could be inside of it more.


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