Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Busy Day, Thankful Night

In all of today, in all of its beautiful running around I almost forgot.. Two years ago tonight I was just hours away from becoming an aunt to the most beautiful baby girl. Two years ago today I was working on homework while my boyfriend of the time was playing guitar. I had been waiting for what would be tomorrow. I just couldn't picture how special it would be. 

So at this end of yet another day, I lay here thankful. For you miss Adella Marie, thankful that you were born healthy and absolutely beautiful. You have made the past two years the most meaningful of my life. I couldn't picture a day without you in this world. 

And I am so grateful that two years ago tomorrow, my sister was kept safe. Though our lives vary so much, I love my oldest sister like none other. There's a special kind of love that a sister feels for another sister, it's indescribable. Aleela, you granted me the greatest, of yet, joys in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

There's just too much love to even comprehend! So here's to you baby girl! Your aunt nanna loves you more than words can express! You are so beautiful! Keep doing you, noodle. You do it so well! 

Hey, and thanks to you too, Keith! You made one heck of a baby :) 

Happy birthday, my Adella. 

For tonight, 

Aunt Nanna.  

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